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Fanny Lelorrain & Juliette Capdevielle

Located in Toronto
Tel. +1 416 407 6193
E.  ScandaleuseWeddings@gmail.com
We also do boudoir photography : www.ScandaleusePhotography.com


If you made it here, you are probably wondering who is behind Scandaleuse Photography. You are in the good spot and we are over the moon to see you here! We crossed paths back in Paris, in photography school in 2009 and after traveling in Europe, we settled down in Toronto. A few years (and immigration paperwork) later, it was time for us to finally open our business. We started with boudoir and had such a great start that we decided to extend our services to all brides & grooms looking for high quality pictures while keeping all the fun.

 We developed our wedding experience internationally and have become experts at making your wedding pictures exceptional. Every couple is different and we are against applying the same formula for everyone. We value a strong relationship with each of our couples and thrive in making their vision come true.