We should start somewhere


Letter to our future Brides & Grooms


Dear Brides & Grooms,

Here we are. The beginning of our wedding journey. You took one of your most important decisions in your life and so did we by starting our business. Here are our vows to you:

We vow to:

• Get the best wedding photos you've ever seen
• Make you smile while we do it
• Help you become a master of organization (or admire your wedding binder. You know what we are talking about)
• Find the perfect spots in your house to get your portraits done
• Wipe a discreet tear during your ceremony (and potentially your parents speech)
• Say a few dad jokes during your wedding day because we think we are hilarious
• Turn into ninjas so no one notices us, not even your officiant.
• Bustle your dress as many time as you wish
• Adjust your tie when it's crooked
• Carry your bouquet so you don't have to
• Make sure you get a chance to eat too
• Climb potential trees and/or go through bushes because "everything for the shot"
• Keep an eye on the sneaky sunset so you get your golden hour dream photos
• Edit your photos with love and care.
• Deliver them with excitment.

And so much more that you will find out soon enough (we have to keep a few surprises in our relationship!)

We can't wait to hear your story.

With love

Juliette & Fanny