How to find your dream wedding photographer?

Your partner finally proposed or maybe you did the first step and asked him or her to marry you, now it is the time to get ready for this big day. You have the theme in mind, the venue is booked, the flowers are gorgeous, you have invited all of your loved ones, you are ready to rock! Oh wait, there is a little something you need: a great photographer.


How do I choose my wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is one of the most common photography service and you can see thousands of photographers per city working in this field, so finding the perfect one can be quite challenging. No worries, we will give you few tips to help you in your decision:


Are you looking for something exclusively candid? Journalistic? Editorial? Romantic? There are so many variations! We think this is the most important criteria for choosing your photographer. Look at the portfolio to see if you enjoy her/his style, the lighting, the poses and the editing. A photographer’s portfolio is what reflects the most her/his work quality.

Word of mouth

It is always comforting to have feedbacks from your friend or a family member who got married before you. If you already know of a photographer who has worked with someone you know, it can be a good opportunity to help you in your decision. Don’t hesitate to ask around for recommendations.


Try to pick a photographer either close to your home or your venue. Keep in mind that if the photographer is located in an expensive area (like downtown Toronto), the costs involved in maintaining her/his company will likely be higher than in the middle of nowhere and this will have an impact of the packages. However, if you decide to hire a photographer located in a different city than the one you are getting married in, be ready to pay a travel fee.


Yes reviews are important, but you shouldn’t relate 100% on them. It is really difficult to satisfied every single person because everyone has different taste and expectation. Of course, if the photographer has more bad reviews than good ones you can be worried about it but if it is the opposite don’t focus solely on those. Defintely read the photographer's answers (if there is one)  if you see a bad review, this is a good way to see what kind of issue happened.

Is the quality of my wedding pictures a priority?

There is no secret, you get what you pay for. If you want high quality pictures, there is a price for it. I am not saying you have to sell one of your kidney, but a professional photography service can be a bit of an investment. You have to know that the price you pay for a photographer includes her/his experience, equipment, post-wedding meetings, hours of shooting during your wedding day, travel fee, editing, her/his own expenses (studio fee, taxes, car, employees...) and all of those have an impact on your quote.

You get married only once and if you care about the beauty of your dress, the style of the venue and the taste of your cake, you might as well get creative and gorgeous pictures of them.

Do you want to know the best about it? It will last forever!


Am I only looking for cheap pricing?

Depending of your needs, a wedding day is usually a big expense. The dress, the venue, DJ, florist, makeup artist, cake, rings and so on add up very quickly. The photography can be a kick in your budget and we understand that some people can be looking for a cheaper price regarding their wedding pictures.

You have to know it will be difficult to find a photographer who is going to take gorgeous photographs of your wedding for a small price. It's very likely that he or she will either be a student, or a beginner or even doesn’t have a lot of clients because of his/her low work quality.

Our suggestion: Talk to the photographer you want to hire and see the different options he/she can offer you. If you are having a small wedding, you may not need a full day coverage for example, which would decrease the costs. We are personally open to offer smaller coverage if necessary.

How experienced do I want my wedding photographer to be?

As previously mentioned, the quality of a photographer’s work depends of their experience. If you decide to hire a student or a beginner, you take the risk to not having the photography service you were expected. Not because they are not talented (lots of students for example, have creative ideas and great photography skills) but because being a wedding photographer is way more than just triggering a camera.  You wouldn't them to miss an important moment or mess up the backup,

If you go with a professional, someone who has a lot of experience and knows all of the different aspect of a wedding, you have more chances to get your perfect photographs. Your wedding photographer has to be a problem solver, needs to pay intention to details while being adventurous and creative. He/She needs to be able to guide you and be friendly with a good sense of humour (well this last one is actually optional but truly it is such a better experience if this is include in the package...We all love dad jokes no?!) and most important you deserve to experience a wonderful customer service for this important day of yours. As a photographer and human being, we get all of those skills with time.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of guidance in order to pick your dream photographer. Our last words will be to pick someone who has similar values to yours. This will definitely help with avoiding disappoinment during your day.

PS: we don't disappoint ;)