Our first National Bridal Show

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Our first National Bridal show


Last September, we were vendors at our first ever National Bridal Show in Mississauga to showcase our photography and videography services. And boy did we have fun!

Innovative Vendors, let’s make them fly.

This year, the National Bridal Show was rewarding any innovative idea in the wedding industry. In photography, people could think that we have seen it all in photography. Well they didn’t know about our levitation idea. A few weeks before the show, we dragged one of our beautiful bride to a river to make her levitate… A little confused? This should help.

It was time to roll up our sleeves.

As first-timers in any bridal show, we were pretty nervous about pulling this off. Our main goal was to create a romantic, cozy atmosphere, which would reflect our personalities and both of our photography & videography services. We wanted to stay away as much as possible from the plain high table and high chairs.

We first started with our sign, which we wanted to be on a wooden blue plannel, like our business cards design. Thanks to one precious little helper who put the wood together, all we had to do was paint it and let our illustrator Deanna do her magic. Honestly, we went probably a little bigger than we should have - the sign was ridiculously heavy - but it made the booth really pop. Mission accomplished.

Then, we decided to bring our living room: carpet, chairs, lamps, string lights, plants you name it. Did we leave in a fairly empty living room for 3 days? Damn right we did. But it was screaming Scandaleuse and that’s what we wanted.


Enough blah-blah, you can watch our vlog below to live this whole experience below!