Why you should do an engagement session.


Why you should do an engagement session


Oh the engagement sessions. For some it's a classic, for others, it's a cliché. While it is not mandatory, having this photoshoot can really be a game changer for your wedding journey. To be honest, at Scandaleuse, we LOVE engagement sessions. And we have no doubt you will too.

Get to know each other and understand your vision

When you book your photographer, it is likely because their shooting style is pretty much what you have in mind for YOUR wedding. That's already pretty cool. But yet, your vision is going to be different from the other pretty couples from their website. Since we are going to be your shadow for a full day, getting a practice run might be a good idea. Working on an engagement shoot will give us enough resources to see what you expect from your wedding day pictures. Some couples love the super lovey-dovey pictures, others just want to jump around and have a beer for example.

Posing practice

A lot of people are not comfortable being in front of a camera. It feels unnatural and sometimes even awkward. As mentioned above with the different visions, it's the same with posing. For example, some will want kissing pictures, other won't. Booking an engagement shoot is also a way to test the water in what you are comfortable doing. It will help you relax for the wedding day since "you've done it before".

An opportunity to think outside the box

It is not everyday that you have a full hour with a creative professional to work on a concept that will reflect even more the connection you have with your partner. Take advantage of it. Channel your inner Beyonce, take that sumptuous outfit you were keeping for a special occasion, use your friend's connections to end up on a rooftop, or get to that waterfall you absolutely adore or run through that fun fair that's only here for a month… Or easier, order that super fancy drink in that coffee shop you love, before it just pops on pictures.


More time for good photos

Let's face it, your wedding day is going to fly by. You are going to spend it from one location to the other and the time we will have for all the creative pictures might be shorter than you think. Great photos require time. You may need to to relax. That's what an engagement shoot is for too. No time constraint, no obligations, just the two of you.

BONUS: an excuse to get pampered

Get your nails done, get a haircut, hire a makeup artist… Again, take advantage of having a professional with you. Treat yourself.

Hopefully, now you see that an engagement shoot can be much more than just walking in high park looking at birds. If we did it right, it gave you a tingling feeling and you are already seeing yourself wind in your hair ready to rock it. Don't wait, call us, we've got you.