Why having two shooters is the best


Why two shooters for your wedding is the best


It is not a secret anymore, Juliette and I have been working together forever. Thanks to all of these years, we have developed an amazing team organization and creativity. We know each other very well, we work fast and in a total harmony. I am thankful because we doubled our quality of work which is primordial in our business life and for our clients.

Now let's see together why you should hire two photographers for your wedding.

The secret: double everything

  • Being everywhere at once

Even if as photographer we have to be wedding day-ninja, we haven’t found a way (yet!) to split ourselves into two. When you hire only one photographer, you take the risk of having some key moment missed, even though you have the best photographer in the world. Especially if you, your friend and family got super creative on surprises! The photographer will have a hard time to take pictures of everything that is happening and it is normal; her/his main focus will be you and your partner. On the other hand, working with both of us is a plus, we split the work and can take care of you, your husband/wife, your bridal party, your friends, your family, your guests and those beautiful surprises!

  • Creativity at its peak

When we work as a duo, we tend to be even more creative. We get a chance to use more props or do more complex lighting. Having two sets of eyes also gives you a great variety in your final selection since you have not one but two creative spirit with you.

  • Extra attention on everything you've worked hard on.

It's very likely that you are spending a lot of time and effort in every single details of your wedding day : stunning outfits, amazing location & mind-blowing decor. All of this while making sure your loved ones will be happy and entertained. Might as well keep some good memories of it. By having two photographers, you will get everything captured the  same way you planned everything: with extra care. There is nothing better than a touch of french accent, two brains and four eyes to give you gorgeous photographs.

  • Better safe than sorry: back-up

This is a little but very important detail that couples don't think about (because you already have so many tings to take care off and this one should not be a stress factor). It is your photographer's job to make sure that every possible problem on his/her side will be covered: we are talking here of sickness, accident, car damage or any problem related to photography gear. Unfortunately, emergencies happened and working with two photographers decrease the risk of, for example , losing half of your photographs because something was wrong with the cards or because the camera got damaged. When we work as a duo, we double our photography gear and cards for extra-safety.

  • Fast editing:

The good thing to know is that we do our editing in house. We usually shoot between 800 and 2000 pictures per event, but since there are two of us that shot the same wedding, we know exactly which pictures to keep or to discard. The editing process is very time consuming and this is why a lot of studios/freelancers can take up to 6 months to deliver your final product. Shooting at two also means splitting the editing part and giving you your pictures faster than if we were doing it only by ourselves.

  • More photographs


More photographers means more pictures. You are maybe thinking right now that you do not need too many photographs but trust us, in 20 years from now you would love to remember every single details of your wedding, from your mother's hair accessories to your maid of honor dance moves. Giving you quality is truly important for us but if we can also give you quantity on top of that, it is even better.

  • Extra help

Brides and grooms during their wedding day usually have lots of things to carry and most of the time their bridal party have to carry their own stuff too. Having four extra hands to help you with the shoes, bouquet, coats or move around the decor to give you the best pictures, is not a bad idea.

  • Stress-free environment and good sense of humor: reporting for duty

A wedding day is a lot of work and can be more stressful than you'd think: there is a lot going on. It is important for us to add great vibes and positivity during this big day of yours. Shooting as a team allows us to feel more relaxed and work more efficiently so you don't feel rushed and you still get everything covered.  We keep it professional but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Weddings are wonderful and intense days, not only for the couples who are getting married but also for the photographers. We usually start around 10am and we work straight until 11pm, no time to seat, no time for lunch, we kind of spend our time running from one location to another. It is only around 8pm we can grab a bite between two speeches. Don't get me wrong, even if being a wedding photographer can be exhausting, we love being part of this big day. But we are also human (and a bit of super heroes) and like any of us we need to keep our level of energy up during the day. So working at two allow us to have short breaks while the other one is shooting.

If you think a photographer working by her(him)self can give you great photographs, imagine what two photographers can do...