What you should give to your photographer (pre-wedding)


What you should give to your photographer


Almost wedded Scandals, if there is one thing you should know about your wedding planning is that a great organization results in a stress free day.  Isn't it what we are all looking for?

Now, we can't speak for all of yours vendors, but we know about photographers (yes indeed), so let's hop on that photography bliss train now, shall we?

If you've picked good photographers, you will soon realize that you are going to see them all day non-stop. We are hired to take amazing pictures but it comes with other responsibilities, one of them being: become your discreet shadow. Since we don't want to ask you a million questions the day you're getting married, some preparation is much needed so we can all be happy.

Here is a little checklist that you should be prepared to give to your photographer.

Full addresses of every location we will be going to.

Yes it includes postal code and cities. Yes you need to dumb it down for us. It happened before that we ended up to the exact address but wrong town. Not fun.
Bonus: giving us parking information if we have to go to your condo. We will love you forever.


Family photo list (and brief!)

Can we be honest for a second? 99% of brides and grooms would rather mingle with their guests or finally get a chance to eat instead of spending an hour doing family photos.
That's why giving us a detailed list of every combination of family members you'd like to get a picture with is mandatory. When we say detailed, we need names. For example: "Bride's family" is way to vague. "Sarah, George, Michael, Bride & Groom" is not. Chances are we haven't had the priviledge to meet your entire family and we would hate to miss someone.

Bonus: tell your family prior to the wedding that they will be needed for family photos at that specific time. That way, we get it done in 30 minutes tops, we don't forget anyone and everyone can get on with their lives. 
Bonus-the-sequel: tell your maid of honour, best man or sibling to stick around with us to make sure no one important is missing. Mistakes happen.
Bonus-it's-back: Any family dynamics that are out of ordinary. Divorce, step family, you know, that kind of thing!

Permits, permits, permits

With the amount of weddings we shoot per year, it is impossible for us to take care of permits for photo locations for your wedding. While we might be able to get around it for an engagement shoot, it is very hard to do so with a wedding dress and 10 people. We might not get kicked out, but is it really worth the risk? For Torontonians, you can find information here.

Time for driving and pack up

Always allocate an extra 10 minutes for pack-up and the driving time between each location. Unless you can teleport and in this case, we need to talk!

A sit in the same room for the reception

For a lot of couples, this sounds like a given. For venues, it is not. A lot of venues tends to sit vendors in a different room. While we don't expect anything fancy, being in the same room as you will help us monitor everything happening while giving us a chance to get a bite. Yes, we do need to eat something after 8 hours of running around.


There you have it. Some of these do sound basic but you may not have thought of them and trust us, we have seen it all. This should definitely help to get a well-oiled day so you can enjoy it fully! Happy wedding day!