Our first bridal workshop


Our first bridal workshop

The Richmond


Last April, we hosted our first bridal workshop. From the venue to the vendors, we handled everything by ourselves and we are pretty proud of how it turned out. We got to meet so many great couples and we can't wait to work with them next year.

While you are getting married for the first time, we got married over 150 times easy. We walked down so many aisles that we kind of stopped counting after a while. And if there is something we really like, is sharing what we've learned with you so you can have your dream wedding peacefully. When to start? What to do? What do people do?  That's why we created our workshop: "So you're engaged, now what?"

Congrats, you're engaged!

Your heart is pounding, your eyes are beaming, you finally get to marry the love of your life. Maybe you've thought about your wedding since you were a kid, maybe you haven't, but in both cases, you're gonna start thinking about it a lot now that you are planning it. So we decided to host a special, intimate event to cover all questions that will go through your head while planning your big day.

A great team of vendors

Of course, we could have given you our tips & tricks solo, but if we can add additional awesome people with us, we might as well go big or go home! Thank you to all of our awesome vendors who joined us for this event such as Whim Events Planning & Design, Jordan De Ruiter, The Food Dudes, Mini Milkshakes & Floats, Brighten Films, Princess Decor, Ashton Creative, Dance Together Project as well as The Richmond for hosting us!

Watch our adventure below!