Engagement shoot at the Thompson hotel


Engagement Session at the Thompson Hotel

Toronto - Ontario


You know our love for adventures, outdoors and travels. We always try to make each photoshoot different from the previous one by being always creative and finding new locations to add to our list. A month ago we had the privilege to welcome one more adventurous couple to our family. 

Meet Danielle and Saul

This lovely couple contacted us from the States where they live.  Kind hearts and beautiful smiles, they made their engagement shoot a success. Their goal was to have their photos taken in Toronto, on a building's roof top with the view of the CN Tower. Challenge accepted!

We decided to shoot at the Thompson hotel (because you know, we like to think big) and it was close to be a disaster...


Wind storm the day of the shoot

The day started well with sun and fresh air but the closer we were getting to our start time, the stronger the wind was. We were not able to cancel because Danielle and Saul were in Toronto for a short period of time.

Juliette and I were in the street, getting dust in our eyes, everything was flying around (us included). Because it was too dangerous, the Thompson had no choice but to close the access to the rooftop leaving us with no location to shoot at anymore.

Fortunately the manager let us shoot in the hotel after we explained the situation to him. The pictures turned out great and we were able to get the CN Tower in the background. We made the most of our situation and ended up with a stylish, elegant session.

TIPS 101: Do not be afraid to ask or talk about your ideas. The worst that can happen will be a no for answer!

Special thanks to the Sean at the Thompson for welcoming us!