Charming wedding at the Estates of Sunnybrook



Sunnybrook Estates


We had the priviledge to meet Ernest & Tracey thanks to our bridal workshop. During a rainy evening, we lined up all of the details for their beautiful day and we knew we all clicked instantly.

These two lovebirds created a very intimate and traditional wedding at the stunning Estates of Sunnybrook. From the outfits to the decor, every details were very delicate and carefully chosen to reflect their vision of a perfect day. More importantly, they were all made by their loved ones!


We started the day with a first round of preparation for the traditional tea ceremony

We then headed to the venue to meet all the guests before the ceremony.

The opportunity for Tracey to put on this gorgeous white dress before having an official first look with Ernest.

We wandered around the property to capture these two with with their beloved friends, who have played such a big role in the preparation of the wedding as well as the cutest flower girl ever: Molly the golden retriever!

Before we knew it, it was time to seal the deal. The weather decided to cooperate with us a little longer to enjoy the ceremony in beautiful outdoor space at the venue. (seriously, the lighting there is ALWAYS nice.)

After capturing all of these smiles (and petting Molly here and there, who could not wait to snuggle with her owners), it was time to enjoy some delicious food and mingle with family & friends.

Thank you for picking us to be a part of your wedding journey. We wish you all the happiness in the world!