Life of a Wedding Photographer


Life of a wedding photographer

One day in our heads.


Being a wedding photographer does not consist only on taking pictures. That would be way too easy. We are also problem solvers, seamstresses, wedding planners, family coordinators, drivers, boutonniere and bustles experts and so much more. For the first time ever, you can get into to the head of a wedding photographer.

Let's take a pretty standard coverage, 10 hours, from 10 am. This will be a 2 part article, because seriously, there is a lot going on.

8:45am: in the car let's go!

Hi guys!

9:45am: first location, the groom. Time to wake some groomsmen up.

9:48am: examining the house, looking for natural light.

9:52: starting to clear the perfect spot to make it look like on Pinterest, while setting up our lenses. Don't scratch the floor while moving this chair. Remember where everything was.

10:00am: 2 groomsmen don't have their ties, 3 don't know how to tie it, and the best man is missing. The groom is actively looking for the rings while his mom insists on feeding us. There is a special place in our hearts for moms like this. πŸ’“

10:15am: One is on the details shot (we found the rings after all, as well as the best man), the other is starting the portraits of the groom. Reminding the groomsmen to get ready for the 4th time.

10:20: A button is missing? Now one know how to sew? I am on it.

10:28am: I can definitely put that boutonniere on for you and then we can pretend your brother did it!

10:30am: Time to get the guys around, get them to pose altogether. Remember to get additional family photos and individuals.

10:45am: Family photos with mom only because dad wasn't ready yet? Check. Remember to get the dad later. Individuals with each of the guys? Check. Details? Check. Groom solo portrait? Check. Let's go to the bride. Wedding photographer 101 : do not be late for the bride.

Hello girls!

11:00am: Bell is rang, look at those cute robes the girls are wearing! Time to check on the bride to see if her hair and makeup is done or close to done!

11:05am: Again, checking the surroundings. Looking for the perfect spot for the dress and portraits while gathering shoes, jewelry, flowers, gifts for the details shot.

11:07am: Found the spot, let the clean up begin.

11:10am: Found a second spot that would look perfect. Remember to take her there too.

11:12am: Bride beauty shots in that little robe. Beautiful. We said gorgeous probably 36 times in the last 30 seconds because it is the truth.

11:25am: Getting the last bridesmaid ready and hop, let's pop that champagne ladies! 🍾

11:40am: Group shots done, gifts given, the girls need to get ready now. Mom too please.

11:55am: The girls are not ready yet, running after a pair of earrings and finding someone to take care of their zipper.

12:05: Everyone is all dolled up, it's time for the bride to hop in her dress!

12:10: There is a special moment when the bride finally has her dress on. Time to perfect our cardio by running around everywhere to get those reactions to this beauty and get some posed shots!

We place your train 436 times a day in average

We place your train 436 times a day in average


12:20pm: Dad was hidden in the room all this time, a little reveal?

12:21pm: Do not tear up, the vows are not even here yet.

12:30pm: It is time to go set up for the ceremony.

Ceremony time!

Testing & checking the schedule of the day.

Testing & checking the schedule of the day.

12:45pm: We made it! Now, where is the officiant?

1:00pm: Light tested, settings done, we really need the officiant.

1:03pm: Found him/her! Hi, we're the photographers, any restrictions for us? Any traditions we should be aware of?

1:10: Candids candids candids

1:20: In position. Last minute check, phones are off, we know the game plan.

1:30pm: Show time.

Randoms thoughts during the ceremony:
The groom's reaction was the cutest thing on Earth. The bride is over the moon. I have to fix her train discreetly. I hope no one pulls up ipads. Try not to tear up during the vows. Too late. God this is cute. The kiss is coming get ready, do not miss it, there is no do over. Got it, now I can breathe. They're announced! Make them kiss again down the aisle and BOOM, gold!

2pm: Let's not create an impromptu receiving line, it's time for pictures and this time is sacred.

2:15pm: Family photos. This is when we start speaking very loud. Bring Uncle Joe with you, don't go too far you're next, can someone point Aunt Ella for me please? Siblings, you're up! No sunglasses please! 3,2,1! One more time! Got it thank you!

2:20pm: Off we go to the photo location!

Snap snap, it’s creative time!

2:30pm: Everyone is here, let's quickly observe the locations, mentally find 5 best spots to go to, avoid direct sunlight, find textures to make everyone pop.

2:35pm: Go bridal party shots! Remember combinaisons, girls alone, guys alone. Go go go!

3:00pm: Adjusted the dress for the 400th time, carried 6 bouquets at once, held 6 pairs of sunglasses and gave 12 bottles of water, made 10 dad jokes.

3:05pm: Creative time! Let there be glitter and unicorns, this is the best!

4:00pm: Made two people cuddle like it was their last day on Earth, shot through everything possible, climbed on trees, held the veil, shot through the veil, gave flip flops to the bride, say 206 times they look beautiful because it is true.

4:05pm: we sadly have to stop the creative, it's time for cocktail hour! We are already very excited by what we captured so far. This is a great one.

The day is far from over. What do you think happens next?