Spencer's At The Waterfront: inside a passionate wedding

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Amanda & John

Beautiful, sensual and very much in love!

What an honor to be the photographers of Amanda and John's wedding. They created a day full of happiness, charm and of course love.

We always like shooting with kind, passionate and romantic people, I am not lying when I say those two love birds melted our hearts.

Getting ready part

We started in the morning with the bride getting ready at her parents house where we met the members of her family and bridesmaid, all so welcoming. The house was full of little spots ideal for our detail shots and decorated with taste.

The first look

The next step was to meet with John at the the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, which has a beautiful and romantic spot, perfect for a first look. We were as excited as our lovely couple and they both looked stunning in their wedding outfits.

The rest of the day

Everything went smoothly: the ceremony was sweet and short, we did their couple pictures at the Royal Botanical Rock Garden in Waterdown and the reception at Spencer in Burlington. If you never heard about this venue, you definitively need to check it out.

Picture this:

  • A modern but fancy venue

  • Made of high and big windows

  • Facing the water

  • Now add a fabulous sunset…

Tada! You have the perfect combo for the perfect wedding reception.

Amanda and John are the perfect match: both beautiful inside and out, sensual and very much in love with each other. Thank you again for letting us being part of your wedding day.