Wedding traditions you don’t have to keep


Wedding traditions you don’t have to keep


 Weddings come with a lot of traditions, established many moons ago. Some love them, other not so much. It can be very hard to not follow some of them due to peer pressure, but guess what, your wedding is supposed to reflect you and your partner. Only.

So if you are not crazy about some wedding aspects, the good news is that you don’t need to follow them.

Bye –bye unnecessary traditions!

Your wedding is a way to celebrate your commitment to your loved one and to fully focus and enjoy it, you don’t need to be worrying about pleasing others with random traditions. There are no perfect recipe for a wedding, which is a very great news, it means you can turn it into anything!

We have witnessed quite a few changes the past year or so during weddings and trust us, the couples who chose not to follow the sacred path had extraordinary beautiful events too.

Here are 5 traditions that we have seen slowly but surely disappear.

1) Huge (real) wedding cake

Who here has actually eaten a slice of wedding cake and fully enjoyed it? We are still looking. The ”cut the cake” tradition is quite old fashioned and quite frankly, represents a huge waste of money, energy and food.  

The alternative? A sweet table with variety so you and your guests can choose that would make their heart swing.
If you are just looking for the beauty of the cake, you may want to talk about your designer and ask for an entirely or partially fake one.

2) Bridal parties

In average, couple have between 3 to 6 friends and family members in the bridal party. For some, it works very well, for others it is a hassle. Truth is, you only need a witness each. If you want to save yourself the potential drama of picking amongst your friends, you might want to just stick to a witness each. Bonus, it will also save you a good chunk of your budget that can be directed to, I don’t know, your ultimate photography or videography? J


3) Garter toss

We didn’t see one garter toss in 2018. 9 times out of 10, they make both brides & grooms quite uncomfortable. So yes, while it could be turned into something fun, if you are not crazy about it, scrap it, no one will miss it.

4) Bouquets

That’s one thing that quite surprised us this year. While the decor of some weddings was very floral with the centerpieces and the arch, some brides chose not to have bouquets. They can be heavy, expensive, and you will likely not feel like carrying one around the entire day.
Alternative? A lovely bride of ours carried a lantern and it was super cute.

5) Not seeing each other before the ceremony

Whether it is just easier timeline wise, or because you don’t do well with being on the spotlight, more and more couples have been doing first looks during which they see each other in their own terms, before the ceremony. Both options are definitely beautiful to shoot, one if more customizable than the other.
Read more about first looks here! 


As you probably guess by now, no traditions are set in stone and you can have your big day full of joy and beauty without them. There are a lot of things to already keep in mind while planning your big day, you don’t need to add additional chores you are not crazy about. Focus on yourself, your partner and your day will be absolutely amazing.